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Stranded on an island—Adashino Island.

The fox and the frog follow the distant lights shining on their dark surroundings.
Where will this lead them?


"Kitsune: The Journey of Adashino" is a 3d adventure game with a Japanese-inspired atmosphere.


One day, a fox girl and her frog friend find themselves on a mysterious island shrouded by darkness but for a few floating lights. Lost in this unfamiliar place, they set out on a journey to find their way home.

Torii gates, food stall lanterns, and neon signs give light and color to the island.
Something is lurking in the shadows, inching ever closer...


The flame summoned by the fox girl lights their path forward, while they hide in the shadows to escape the clutches of the monstrosities who themselves dwell in the darkness.

On the horizon, they can see the Tower of Muyo of Adashino Island, shining bewitchingly with the lure of myriad stolen lights.

This is the tale of a long summer night, the night of the Jugoya harvest festival...


Illustrator / Concept artist

  • Instagramの - ホワイト丸
  • ツイッター - ホワイト丸
  • YouTubeの - ホワイト丸

Supported by

Translation: Marco Godano

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